Betty's Eddies: Bedtime Betty's Review

6 April 2023


 April 6, 2023
Bedtime Betty's Sleep Aid Chews

An Introduction To Betty’s Eddies

From their about page, Betty’s Eddies is “committed to making Betty’s Eddies™ products with you in mind. Our mission is simple: craft the highest quality, best-tasting products with conscious ingredients to fit a variety of diets, needs & lifestyles. Our cannabis fruit chews are vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free, and made with organic fruits and veggies”. With that in mind, today we will be reviewing their “Bedtime Betty’s.”

5 out of 5

Location Purchased: Canvuo, Medical Dispensary, Biddeford, ME

Flavor: Agave and Lemon

Size: 5 per package

Price: $20

Strength: 50MG THC, 2MG Melatonin

Time Of Day Consumed: Night

First Impressions Of Bedtime Betty’s

First I think it would be a good idea for you to know that I’m very much a lightweight when it comes to edibles. While they may my preferred way to consume cannabis, a little goes a long way with me. 5-10MG is my comfort zone, while anything above 15MG is where I tap out. That being said, I was having some difficulty falling asleep and thought “maybe I should try out a bedtime blend?” And I was not disappointed with the results.


Surprisingly, even with the high (50MG) THC content there was only a minimal amount of “plant” taste to the Bedtime Betty’s. The agave and lemon went nicely together and really rounded out the overall flavor.


Having been a seasoned consumer for a few years now I knew better than to try and experience Bedtime Betty’s at any other time of day than their specified purpose (night, and to aid with sleep). I decided to ingest my fruit chew just before climbing into bed, to make sure that I would be appropriately situated in the event that the effects were faster acting than anticipated. The come-up was more mild than I was expecting, but once the effects started to fully come on, I was already well on my way to dreamland. With the combination of THC and Melatonin I was able to sleep soundly throughout the night (I usually wake up 1-2x throughout the night), however I should warn that I did sleep for almost 12 hours. This could be due to the edibles, my previous lack of sleep, or a mixture of the two.


In conclusion, while I was pleasantly surprised with the initial come-up of Bedtime Betty’s, I would only recommend them for very seasoned users or individuals who suffer from the effects of insomnia. I never felt jittery, or anxious, but that could have been due to being fully asleep before the full effects kicked in. That being said, the flavors were pleasant, and the product does what the label promises. If you are in search of a non-pharmaceutical sleep aid and have a higher THC tolerance, this might just be the product you are looking for.

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  1. Anne Brown says:

    Good to know. I haven’t seen this brand but I only use edibles at night taking them as you described.. just before bed

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