Fernway Cranberry Jam Tart Crisp and Pen Review

16 March 2023


 March 16, 2023
Fernway Cranberry Jam Tart

An Introduction To Fernway

Fernway, founded in Massachusetts makes high quality vape cartridges, flower and hardware that can be purchased in both medical and recreational dispensaries across the state. They claim to offer a “true luxury experience” since their vape cartridges are all made with pure cannabis oil and terpenes. The flavored line of products, which the ‘Fernway Cranberry Jam Tart Crisp’ is a part of, use additional natural flavorings from fruits and herbs. Now, let’s get on with the review.

Catch a Fire
4 out of 5

Location Purchased: Full Harvest Moonz, Haverhill, MA

Flavor: Cranberry Jam Tart | Crisp

Size: 1G

Price: $70

Strength: Depends on draw size

Time of Day Consumed: Afternoon

First Impressions Of Fernway Cranberry Tart Crisp

First things first, it was quite simple to attach the cartridge to the pen, but just like any other pen on the market there is no standard for use. They all have different numbers of clicks to change separate parameters, such as heat adjustment, turning on and off, etc. Even after following the instructions it took a few tries to get a consistent draw. We tried using the cart on multiple pens, none of which all had the same effect, so we will assume the cart was the culprit. When we were able to successfully use the cart, the effects were quite nice, which we will get into below.


Fernway Cranberry Tart Crisp is the perfect flavor profile for a long walk after Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with the cousins. It is almost tart at first, but finishes with a nice sweet and smooth after taste. Mass is known for its cranberries and the love shines through with this vape.


Like we stated above, it did take us a bit to get a successful draw from the pen/cart, but when we finally did the effects were fast acting, but not overwhelming, which was nice. The effects were not too long lasting either, and tapered off after about 60-90 minutes, which is nice if you have other things to do around the house and not melt into a puddle on the couch.


In conclusion, While the effects and flavor were very nice, it took more effort than we would expect to see in a product of this caliber. The price, while not out of the ordinary for Massachusetts was on the higher side than we would typically encounter for similar products. If you are in the mood for a flavored vape cartridge, then this may be the product for you, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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