11 January 2022


 January 11, 2022
Formula 420 Cleaner Before Shot

Formula 420 – Glass Pipe and Bong Cleaner Review

Formula 420 Original Cleaner is one of the top rated pipe and bong cleaners you can find online. You can buy it on Amazon and other online retailers but I happened to pick up a 12 ounce bottle when I purchased a pipe online. When I got the cleaner in I had a small glass pipe that could use a good cleaning so I decided to give the cleaner a try.

Formula 420 Cleaner Before Shot

The benefits as described by Formula 420 Original Cleaner include:

  • Quick process, 1 minute of shaking cleaner in pipe
  • No soaking or scrubbing
  • Non-toxic when used properly
  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Drain-safe


The Formula 420 Cleaning Process

The cleaning process was pretty simple, remove the seal, shake up the bottle, pour the solution into the pipe. The pipe I was cleaning was small enough to use a ziploc bag and helped keep me dry as I followed step 2 and covered all openings while shaking for at least 1 minute. After about 90 seconds I started rinsing and within a few more minutes I was drying off my pipe. I was pretty surprised at how clean the pipe had gotten in such a short time. I would estimate the cleaner helped remove between 75%-80% of the resin/tar.

Formula 420’s reputation is a good one and its product met my expectations with my first use. I’m hoping I can get rid of more of the tar if I rinse a little longer but so far so good.

Close up of clean pipe

You can learn more about Formula 420 Glass Cleaner and the company on their website, they also offer different tools and cleaning aids for all your pipe maintenance needs.

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