3 March 2023


 March 3, 2023
Cannabis Social Club

Owners Venus Hemachandra and Shreemal Perera are set to open The Ceylon House, in Burtonsville, MD where customers will be able to enjoy cannabis in a lounge, or bar like setting.

Similar to dispensaries across the nation, customers will have to sign a waiver stating they are over 21, show proof of Maryland residency and possess a medical card. Customers are also required to cease consumption no less than 30 minutes prior to leaving.

Hemachandra and Perera had the idea as far back as 2018, but the COVID pandemic put their plans on hold.

“What we wanted to do was make sure there is a safe space for patients to come in and consume your cannabis, get to know some other people in the cannabis community. It really is meant to be that safe space to come in and meet people and learn a little bit more,” said Hemachandra.

Learn more about The Ceylon House here

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