23 November 2021


 November 23, 2021
Puffco Plus Review

Puffco Plus Vaporizer Pen Product Review

Puffco Plus ReviewPuffco is a company that specializes in creating devices for clean and flavorful consumption of cannabis concentrates. The Puffco Plus vaporizer pen is the first ever pocket nail for concentrates on-the-go. The mouthpiece doubles as a loading tool for the coil-less, ceramic, pressure sealed-bowl. The Puffco Plus is a great device for consumers looking to start using concentrates.

Cleaning the ceramic bowl after each use is important. The pen comes with a pack of cotton swabs and additional cleaning instructions. The Puffco Plus also comes with a grip you can slide on.

I think it’s a great product. Been using it for three months now and use it with both cartridges and concentrates. The first device I’ve had for smoking butter and resins. The flavor of the concentrates is pure and I’d say I prefer it over most of the cartridges I’ve had. The product is worth the $89.99 it is advertised for on the Puffco website.

When you are smoking 70-80% THC concentrates the high comes on pretty quickly and pretty strong but usually doesn’t last as long as a high from smoking potent flower.

Location purchased: Sweet Dirt – Portland, Maine

Puffco Plus Description From the Company’s Website

“The most awarded and flavorful concentrate vape pen ever, now even more improved. The Plus mouthpiece combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one! The dart can be easily extended by pressing down on the silicone top, allowing you to scoop concentrates with ease. If you have high quality concentrates, there’s no better mobile vaporizer for dabbing.”

The product comes with a one year warranty that cover the battery and charger (chambers are not covered).

Find more information or purchase yours on the Puffco website.

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