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Recreational and medical marijuana are both legal in New Mexico with medical legalized in 2007 and recreational legalized in 2021. Read on to learn more about California's current marijuana laws and where you can find a marijuana dispensary in New Mexico.

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What you need to know about New MExico’s Cannabis Laws

  • Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in the state of New Mexico for adults aged 21 and older
  • Recreational sales are scheduled to begin no later than April 1, 2022
  • New Mexico is home to 119 of marijuana dispensaries located across the state
  • It is legal to possess/transport up to two ounces of marijuana for adults aged 21 and older
  • It is legal to cultivate up to six plants per person but no more than twelve plants per household
  • Currently in New Mexico use of marijuana in public places is prohibited

New Mexico Recreational Marijuana Laws

Marijuana was legalized for use by adults over the age of 21 in April 2021 and retail sales should begin no later than April of 2022. If you live in New Mexico or are visiting the state, you may carry up to two ounces of marijuana. New Mexico also became the first state to legalize marijuana paraphernalia. Residents of New Mexico growing marijuana are legally permitted to cultivate six plants per person but no more than twelve plants per household. Individuals caught selling any amount of marijuana without a license could face a felony charge punishable by a minimum 1.5 years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

With recreational marijuana new to New Mexico, many dispensaries are only serving medical patients. PotAdvisor will continue to update our dispensary listings as new businesses open in the coming years. Check out our map of dispensaries in New Mexico to find the closest marijuana dispensary near you.

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Laws

New Mexico Marijuana Laws

Since 2007, doctors in New Mexico have been able to prescribe marijuana for qualifying patients. Amendments have been made to the original medical marijuana bill over time but currently medical marijuana patients may possess up to eight ounces of marijuana. Prior to recreational legalization, medical patients needed to apply for a personal production license to grow marijuana in the state. With this license, patients or designated caregivers could grow up to 16 plants as long as only a max of four plants are flowering.

Medical marijuana qualifying conditions in New Mexico include cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, glaucoma, MS, opioid use disorder, seizures, PTSD, among other debilitating medical conditions. Now that recreational marijuana is legal, medical patients do not need to apply for a special license to grow as many as six plants in their home.

How to get your Medical Marijuana Card in New Mexico

Applications for a medical marijuana card must be submitted in hard form copy to the New Mexico Department of Health. Patients must meet with their medical provider and receive a diagnosis for a qualifying condition. Medical providers must fill out a section of the application providing proof of diagnosis. Submitted applications are expected to be reviewed within 30 days of submittal.

Currently, medical marijuana cards in New Mexico must be renewed every three years.

Additional Marijuana Laws to be Aware of in New Mexico

  • Public use or consumption of marijuana is illegal in New Mexico. This includes sporting and music venues, state and national parks, campsites, bars, and restaurants
  • It is illegal to use marijuana in a vehicle for both drivers and passengers. Drivers in New Mexico could be charged with a DUI if they are found to be driving under the influence of marijuana
  • If you are planning to grow marijuana plants at home, be sure they are in a space that can’t be seen by the public
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Can you drive while high on marijuana in New Mexico?

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