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Recreational and medical marijuana are both legal in Washington with medical legalized in 1998 and recreational legalized in 2012. Read on to learn more about Washington's current marijuana laws and where you can find a marijuana dispensary in Washington.

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What you need to know about Washington’s Cannabis Laws

  • Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in the state of Washington
  • Washington is home to over 400 marijuana dispensaries located throughout the state
  • Adults may possess one ounce of flower, up to 16 ounces of edibles, and seven grams of marijuana concentrates
  • Medical patients may possess three ounces of flower, up to 48 ounces of edibles, and 21 grams of marijuana concentrates
  • Medical marijuana card holders may grow up to 15 plants – it is illegal for recreational users to grow marijuana

Washington Recreational Marijuana Laws

In 2012, marijuana was legalized for use by adults over the age of 21 in the state of Washington. If you live in Washington or are visiting the state, you may purchase up to one ounce of marijuana. Recreational users may also purchase 16 ounces of edibles and seven grams of marijuana concentrates. Both growing and selling marijuana is illegal and carry harsh penalties. Sale or cultivation of any amount of marijuana is a felony offense and punishable by five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Recreational marijuana purchases are taxed at 37%, one of the highest rates in the country.

Residents and visitors can find recreational and medical dispensaries with PotAdvisor today. Check out the city map links below to find the closest recreational or medical dispensary near you.

Washington Medical Marijuana Laws

Since 1998, doctors in Washington have been able to prescribe marijuana for patients with a qualifying condition. There are a variety of qualifying conditions including cancer, glaucoma, MS, HIV, PTSD and a number of other conditions. Patients may possess up to three ounces of medical marijuana and grow up to 15 plants in their home. Medical marijuana is not taxed in Washington. Purchase limits, cultivation, tax free marijuana are three of the major benefits of having a medical card in Washington state.

Out-of-state medical marijuana cards are not accepted at medical dispensaries in Washington. Out-of-state medical patients can purchase an ounce of marijuana at recreational dispensaries.

Medical marijuana patients in Washington must renew their medical card annually.

How to get your Medical Marijuana Card in Washington

Residents of Washington can apply for a medical marijuana card with the Washington Department of Health online. Applicants will need to obtain a medical marijuana authorization form from a physician to bring to their appointment with a certified medical marijuana consultant. Fees for the appointment and medical are typically under $10.

Additional Marijuana Laws to be Aware of in Washington

  • Public use or consumption of marijuana is illegal in Washington. This includes sporting and music venues, state and national parks, campsites, bars, restaurants, and more
  • It is illegal to drive a vehicle under the influence of marijuana. Officers may ask drivers to submit to a blood test to see if the driver’s blood contains more than 5 ng/ml of THC
  • Growing marijuana without a medical card is a felony and could lead to up to ten years in jail
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Can you drive while high on marijuana in Washington State?

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