3 March 2023


 March 3, 2023
Ice Cream Cookies

For this week, we want to highlight one of our favorite strains, Lemon Diesel! This unique Indica dominant hybrid strain can best be enjoyed in the afternoon to combat your symptoms of pain, anxiety, and stress.

Lemon DieselIt is known for its citrus, lemon, and diesel flavors, as well as its medium THC content, which is usually around 18%.

This flower is one of our favorites here at Pot Advisor, due to it being frequently available at most dispensaries for a reasonable price, and has a smoother finish than other strains we have tried. It also can be used to make some pretty potent edibles.

Don’t let its mid range THC content dissuade you from trying out this playful flower, especially if you are on the fence. Like we stated above there is a reason that so many consumers love this little flower.

Follow the link if you would like to learn more about Lemon Diesel’s effects, side effects, flavor profile, Terpenes, or even drop your own review. You can also read-up on other popular flowers by visiting our strains page.

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