Strain of the Week: Peyote Cookies

31 March 2023


 March 31, 2023
What is Ouid?

Introducing Peyote Cookies

This week’s strain of note is, Peyote Cookies. This popular Indica was originally created by Barney’s Farm by combining Peyote Purple with Cookies Kush, and contains 17% THC, but don’t let its middling strength deceive you, as it can pack quite a punch.

Effects, Side Effects And More

Peyote CookiesWe recommend enjoying this exceedingly popular strain in the day, as the effects can be quite euphoric and relaxing, leaving users feeling calm, happy, creative and uplifted. It is also great at combating loss of anxiety, pain and stress. If this is your first time trying this flower as either a patient, or for recreational use, be warned that it is known for being quite potent and may cause dizziness, or lightheadedness. That being said, we feel this is a great plant for users old and new alike.

Why We Recommend It

We at Pot Advisor enjoy this strain for its uplifting affects, ability to soothe anxiety and depression, as well as intense herbal, pine and sweet flavors. It can be found in most local dispensaries .

How To Learn About More Strains

If you are interested in learning more about different strains, be sure to head on over to our Strains page.

Be sure to try it today!

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