9 September 2022


 September 9, 2022
Strain of the Week

This week we thought we would highlight a strain that needs no introduction, Charlotte’s Web as it has done so much good for people (originally children) fighting the symptoms of a host of medical ailments, including seizures, pain, depression and stress. This Sativa is extremely low in THC, usually less that 1%, but possesses copious amounts of CBD (13-15%), which serves as a potent anti-inflammatory. Many may remember CNN’s coverage of this strain, and how it helped a young Charlotte Figi combat her rare seizure disorder.

Charlotte's WebMost consumers have reported using this strain in the morning, or throughout the day, as it has little to no psychoactive effects.

We at Pot Advisor enjoy this strain for its healing effects, especially in pain management, it is available at many dispensaries and is usually quite affordable (depending on your location).

If you would like to learn more about other strains, be sure to head on over to our Strains page.

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