9 October 2022


 October 9, 2022
What is Ouid?

This week’s strain of note is none other than White Widow. This famous Hybrid was created in the Netherlands by Greenhouse Seeds and is probably one of the most famous strains to date. This wonderful heavy hitter is known to give consumers a sense of creative and energetic focus, while also helping alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, pain, and stress, but be careful if you are on a strict diet, as this hybrid can leave individuals feel quite munchy. However, this can be circumvented by planning ahead and having healthy snacks and water readily available.

White WidowSome consumers have reported preferring this strain in the morning, or throughout the day, as the effects can be stimulating.

We at Pot Advisor enjoy this strain for similar reasons to other strains of the week, in that it is available at many dispensaries and is usually for an affordable price (depending on your location). It also can be used to make some pretty delicious edibles.

If you would like to learn more about other strains, be sure to head on over to our Strains page.

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